News May 6. 2015

Some updates to the Star Trek Attack Wing rules. 

Greenbrier Games has a Kickstarter for fantasy minis. 

In case you missed it Stronghold Games has declared 2015 the year of Survive!

Be sure to read our two part interview with Survive! Creator Julian Courtland-Smith here and here.

Read Jim Henley’s “Save Versus Death”

Not a board game, but oh my this is very cool. Night Terrors. 

Strange Remnants expansion for Eldritch Horror.

A 150 word RPG. 


One response to “News May 6. 2015

  1. Matthew Dimalanta

    Be careful when dealing with Greenbrier Games. They took my money, ignored me when I told them I hadn’t received the product, tried to steal my money when I told them to make it right and the only think that got me my money back was threatening to report them and call my credit card company to get the charges reversed.

    Buyer Beware!

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